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Professional SEO Training Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique in which the webpages and blogs are promoted and increase their visibility on search engine. Whenever the user search on search engine by specific keywords, then webpages appear in top ten search results. It helps in getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial and natural search results on search engine.

SEO is characterized into two techniques:
On page optimization
Off page optimization

On-page SEO is the technique of optimizing individual web pages to get rank higher in search engine results and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to the website content and HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density that used to optimized the web page according to algorithm of search engine.

Off-page SEO refers to the technique that helps to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page. Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but actually, it has to do with promotion methods, beyond website design, for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results. Off-page SEO refers to activities you can perform outside the boundaries of your website. The most important are:Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Social bookmarking etc.