Distance Education Universities in Punjab | Degree in One Year By Distance Education


Education has always been an essential aspect of our lives but often we have to skip that to accomplish something that the circumstance demands at that time right? Most of the time people quit their education because of their conditions, which can be financial, personal, or they just received a promising option such as, a job or so on but after a while, people realize the significance of Higher Education for better opportunities in life. So, what can you do if you are already working, having professional commitments or your circumstances do not permit you to have a regular education? Distance education is the answer to this question.

We all are aware of this concept of Distance Education. Students can proceed with their studies in the comfort of their homes. Most people are aware of this concept of Distance Education or Distance learning but only a few would get a chance to fully avail its benefits. There are some great options available in India nowadays for your academic journey through Distance Education or Distance Learning.

Earlier there were hardly one or two options were accessible in India for Distance Education but not today. Today reputed regular universities offer distance education as well. Now you can choose the  distance education or distance learning institutes according to your choice and comfort. The whole nation has witnessed the pandemic together and overcome it together as well. It has taught us to hustle harder and tackle all the challenges. The education sector has been one of the areas that have been affected the most by this but we have tackled that as well by opting for the same old concept of online learning or distance learning whatever you may call it. People have been studying via phones and computers and books. This is encouraged everyone that anyone can continue their education through distance education. Nowadays, people are preferring distance education rather than regular education solely because of the comfort it provides to people without compromising on the quality and value of the education. People can continue their studies along with their other personal and professional commitments. So, what are you waiting for? You can also complete your education from best distance education platforms in India.

List of best distance education universities in Punjab:

  • Guru Nanak Dev University Distance Education, Amritsar
  • Punjab Technical University Distance Education, Jalandhar
  • Punjabi University Distance Education, Patiala
  • Lovely Professional University Distance Education, Phagwara     
  • Panjab University Distance Education, Chandigarh
  • Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Distance Education, Patiala